Aromatherapy - Blending of Oils


Although aromatic oils have been important to many cultures for thousands of years, aromatherapy massage is a relatively modern treatment which was discovered in the 1950s.
Not only is aromatherapy massage deeply relaxing, it can also help to heal a great number of illness and ailments through the use of beneficial blends of essential oils. Aromatherapy treatments are also sure to smell fantastic for both your client and you as a therapist.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional aromatherapy massage and blending your own oils. The course includes an online assessment at the end of every module.

This GTi Aromatherapy Blending of Oils course follows the National Occupational Standards and covers reception, consultation and ventilation. It also covers contra-indications and contra-actions, detailed information about essential oils and information about carrier oils, as well as information about preparing to give a treatment, and how to adapt the treatments you currently offer to include the use of aromatherapy oils.

The course is accompanied by full-colour images. You will receive access to a PDF manual which you can refer back to. The sixteen modules and examinations are completed online with full online support available.

Modules Covered

• Introduction, Reception and Consultation
• A Background to Aromatherapy
• The Olfactory and Limbic systems
• Contra-indications Preventing Treatment
• Contra-Indications Restricting Treatment
• Contra-Actions
• Oil Extraction Methods and Oil Storage
• Oils
• Carrier Oils
• Blending Essential Oils and Synergy
• Preparation for Treatment
• Aftercare

Pre-Requisites: GTi Professional Standards and a Body Massage qualification
Course Type: Theory
Theory Hours: 16 Hours (This is completed at your own pace)
Practical Hours: None
Examination: GTi Online Examinations
CPD Points: 16 Points
Qualification Obtained: GTi Award

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